PsychoSpiritual Counseling   

Judi offers psychospiritual counseling which focuses upon soul empowerment.  In her compassionate and authentic way she gently guides you to look at and become consciously aware of what hinders you from fully embracing the love, power and 
wisdom that lie within.

As a spiritual mentor and psychospiritual intuitive, Judi's ability to sense the subconscious perceptual patterning within allows for an in-depth look at how the obstacles in your life are created.  This brings to conscious awareness the sabotaging influences of the feelings, beliefs and perceptions that you've held throughout your life which have created fear, self-doubt and lack of fulfillment to name a few.  The psychospiritual counseling sessions offer the opportunity to recreate the ways in which you perceive yourself and the world, which will enhance your creativity and personal empowerment.

Judi's intention in offering these sessions is to continually bring you back to your own wisdom and power.  It is a partnership approach in which she gently guides you to where you can access all that you need to know, offering her insights along the way and helping you to feel the love and wisdom of your soul.  

Soul Attunement Sessions   

Soul Attunement Sessions are a hands on energy experience which help you align vibrationally with the highest level of energy that you are able to integrate at the time you receive it.  The feeling of this experience is incredibly loving and comforting to your body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Most clients gently flow into a very deep sense of peace and relaxation during these sessions. 

Each soul attunement is uniquely individual and each one is completely directed by Spirit.  Some of what you may experience is listed below:

-  higher light integration - new octave of energy

-  release of energy blockages

-  etheric blueprint reconfiguration & activation 

-  cellular memory release  

-  balancing the chakras & energy bodies

-  tonal sound infusions for clearing and balancing

-  perceptual re-patterning  & energetic restructuring

-  Reiki Master energy

-  guided condensing energy release

-  interdimensional connections for healing/balancing

PsychoSpiritual Counseling - in person, telephone or zoom.
 (1 hr) - $95.00 or (1½ hrs) - $145.00
Soul Attunement Sessions - in person - $145.00

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Judi via email or 
at (513) 899-3115. 
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PsychoSpiritual Counseling and
 Soul Attunement Sessions
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