An Intuitive Energy Diagnosis & Evaluation is an inner picture or blueprint of the way your life force energy is flowing through your body.  The information from this evaluation shows the disruptions, blockages and free flowing areas in the spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. Disease indicates an imbalance and blockage of energy flow.  Our bodies are made up of interconnected energy systems with major energy centers.  When there are disruptions to the life force energy flow the physical body is affected. 

As a Certified Intuitive Healer, Judi has been trained to access, read and interpret this inner picture or blueprint.  These assessments are done remotely and usually require between 1 to 1½  hours.  The evaluation comes from interpreting the energy flow through the spiritual and emotional energy bodies and within the physical systems and organs involved in your condition.  From her assessment you will be able to gain insight and understanding into which feelings, beliefs and attitudes have affected your health and your process of healing. The other part of the intuitive diagnosis/evaluation is a one-hour consultation to discuss and share her findings with you.  This can be in person or over the telephone.  During the session Judi will offer certain healing practices and exercises to support you in your healing and empowerment process.  

Since the process of dis-ease and healing stretches us into new levels of genuine self-discovery, there will be an emphasis on a total life balancing approach.  Healing needs to be an integrated process and we stay healthier when we realize our inner environment (emotional/mental/spiritual) directly affects our outer environment (physical).  Intuitive Diagnosis & Evaluation can also be used as a preventative tool to assist you in becoming aware of the disruptions and blockages in your body's energy flow before you experience physical disease, emotional turmoil or spiritual crisis. 

Intuitive Diagnosis/Evaluation & Consultation 

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Intuitive Energy Diagnosis & Evaluations
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