The Center for Soul Empowerment was created to support the sacred journey of awakening to the wisdom of your soul and living from that place of balance and love.  Judi A.Winall is the founder of the center which offers many services and workshops to assist you on this path of Self-discovery.  Psychospiritual counseling, soul attunement sessions and empowering workshops are some of the ways in which the center encourages and supports the process of soul empowerment.  Our purpose is to assist you in remembering who you really are and in living your truth.  

Soul empowerment is the process of aligning your personality/ego self with the guidance, wisdom and love of your soul/inner self.  It is becoming aware of your true identity, realizing you are a spiritual being expressing through a human form.  This is one of the first steps upon this sacred path.  Soul empowerment is also about learning to balance and integrate the feminine and masculine energies within, since we each have both.  This step is essential for manifesting your dreams.  

Discerning the difference between living from your mind and living from your heart is equally important and merging these into a heart/mind connection is an integral part of this transformational journey. Realizing that you are interconnected with all of life and that each form, including yourself is an individualized expression of The One Source/The Creator/God-Goddess is yet another basic component of soul empowerment.  The process of becoming aware of and releasing the discordant energies, beliefs, and perceptions that attempt to sabotage you is essential to reclaiming the creative power of your soul. 

In walking the path of soul empowerment, we each take one step closer to creating a world where peace, love and wisdom guide our path.  When we take responsibility for what we feel, think, perceive and do... then we begin a process of creative change that affects the rest of Creation.  

It all begins within.  Life is the initiation.

The Center for Soul Empowerment will also assist you with:

-  allowing your unique beauty to shine

-  transforming blockages into opportunities for growth

-  being "yourself" and loving it

-  creating better communication with your authentic self

-  becoming more aware of your multidimensional identity

-  illuminating self-sabotaging patterns of consciousness

-  integrating the inner child and the wise self

-  experiencing more self-love, compassion & self-acceptance

-  raising awareness of self-limiting patterns

-  gaining more clarity, insight & understanding

-  transcending the fears & doubts that hold you back

-  living from your heart space

-  helping you remember your essence and potential

-  remembering and loving your wholeness

-  awakening to the true beauty of your soul

Contact Judi via email or at (513) 899-3115 for more information.

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